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Mythos – The Seduction of Europe 1oz Proof Silver Coin

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Seduction of Europe Mythos High Relief 1oz Silver Coin – 2021

Presenting the debut coin of an enchanting series: a mesmerizing high-relief proof silver coin from Le Grande Mint with a mintage of only 999 pieces!

This coin beautifully portrays a proud woman riding a spirited bull beneath a starlit sky, embarking on a journey towards a shared future in a grand manor. This mythical scene, engraved onto the premier silver coin of the “Mythos” collection within the Wonderful World series, depicts the divine tale of God the Father Zeus and the Phoenician princess Europe. A momentous event brought to life.

Zeus, aiming to win the heart of the king’s daughter from the Orient, descended from Greek Olympus. He transformed into a bull on the shores of Lebanon, testing the young woman’s nobility. She aided the bull—Zeus in disguise—freeing him from apparent entrapment. Triumphing over this divine trial, the princess journeyed to Greece with Zeus, birthing three siblings named after the continent of Europe. This lineage strengthened the connection between the Occident and the Orient, spanning centuries.

This captivating tale symbolizes Europe’s victory through nature and love. Europe embodies the moon’s feminine power, enchanting the formidable sun god Zeus. While Europe’s ride westward gave the continent its name and disseminated knowledge, the heart of this myth lies in the revival of Greco-Oriental culture.

Le Grande Mint of Dortmund presents “The Seduction of Europe” as an opulent masterpiece of coin design, tracing European civilization’s roots to agriculture’s inception.

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