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Silver Coins For Sale in Canada

Increase your investment in precious metals with the complex and beautiful designs found on silver coins. Royal Bull has a wide range of silver coins available to purchase right now, ranging from animal-themed silver coins to Robin Hood-themed silver coins and even video game-themed silver coins. These all contain .999 pure silver and are often sold in brilliant uncirculated “new” condition. Many of Royal Bull’s silver coins are one-ounce in weight and are the perfect addition to your collection.

Where to Buy Silver Coins

Royal Bull Silver & Gold has silver coins available for Canadian investors who seek low costs, easy access and fast purchasing from a reputable Canadian business. Whether you want to buy a one-ounce silver shipwreck-themed coin or a simple frosted silver round, our Canadian website offers low prices on silver coins that simply can’t be matched by brokers, banks or investment services.

Investing in Silver Coins

Investing with silver coins can be the fun, rewarding and profitable addition to your portfolio that you need. Whether you are interested in Marvel characters, Australian marsupials or King Kong himself, Royal Bull’s Canadian inventory has a wide range of silver coins for every investor who visits out website.

Silver Coin Sizes

Royal Bull has more than just your industry-standard sizes. Our silver coins come in sizes including one ounce, ¼ ounces, ½ ounce, two ounces, 2.5 ounces, five ounces, ten ounces, 30 grams and even one kilogram! Use our left-hand selector to choose the size you are looking for.

Trusted Silver Coin Mints

Royal Bull has the well-known silver coins from around the world, made by such esteemed mints as the Royal Canadian Mint, Royal Mint and the Perth Mint, but also the lesser-known mints that have very unique product offerings such as the Pressburg Mint and BH Mayer Mint.

Silver Coin Types & Styles

Whatever your interest or investment angle, Royal Bull’s selection of silver coins is sure to satisfy. We have silver coins celebrating movies, such as King Kong and Pirates of the Caribbean, we have silver coins honouring a country’s wildlife, like Australia’s brumby and Laos’ tiger, and we have silver coins paying tribute to mythical beings like the Allegories and Robin Hood.

Why Buy Silver Coins from Royal Bull?

Canadian-owned Royal Bull has a large selection of silver coins that are affordably priced for investors and collectors to appreciate. We also have varying sizes of silver coin products that start from as small as one gram in size up to a full kilogram! (Slightly more difficult to fit in your wallet.)

If you seek to purchase a large selection of our silver coins, Royal Bull can offer you a significant discount, allowing you to save even more money and reduce the overall cost of your silver investments.

Royal Bull can have your silver coin shipment prepared within one business day after receiving your order. This ensures that your investment can start benefiting you sooner than many other physical silver online outlets. Enjoy browsing our selection of silver coins today and please contact us if you have any questions.