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Silver is an affordable alternative to purchasing gold or platinum since the price is quite a bit cheaper when comparing products of equivalent weight. Historically, owning silver coins and bars has also been a wise way to hedge against the economy, as it is a tangible, valuable and prudent method to invest. Silver is a cherished precious metal that is one of the world’s greatest ways to pay for products and services.

For the foreseeable future, wise investors understand silver’s indestructibility, scarcity, beauty, prestige and value.

Make today the day you begin investing in silver bars and coins! With Royal Bull, silver is very easy to buy/sell and can be a great investment as part of your portfolio. Whether you buy one-gram silver bars, 100-ounce silver bars, silver coins, silver rounds or any other option we have available on our website, our team is here to help you make the right choice with all of your silver investments.

Buy Silver Bars

Royal Bull is Canada’s best place to buy silver bars. We have affordable ways for even new investors to start investing in silver. Silver bars as little as one gram in weight, and as large as 100oz, are available and any purchase can be shipped to you shortly after your payment clears.
If you are seeking to buy silver in large quantities, Royal Bull offers equally large discounts, allowing you to save even more money, and reduce the overall cost of your silver investments.

Buy Silver Coins

Along with industry-leading discounts, Royal Bull Silver & Gold has a world-class selection of silver coins, including South African silver coins, Chinese silver coins, American silver coins, Canadian silver coins, British silver coins, Swiss silver coins, Australian silver coins and many silver bullion products from private mints around the world. We have a precious silver item for everyone!

Why Buy Silver Bars & Coins from Royal Bull?

We are always looking to help our buyers save money and we want the process of buying silver bars and coins simple. That is why Royal Bull offers a wide range of payment options – by choosing a method with no processing fees, we pass on the savings to you! Interac e-transfers are our preferred method since there are no processing fees, while also being very fast for us to receive transfer approval. We understand that you may wish to use other methods to pay for your silver bars and coins, so we also have options including certified cheques, bank drafts and wire transfer options, although sending, receiving and processing these could take additional time. Paypal and credit card transactions will incur a 3% fee.

Royal Bull is honoured to be one of Canada’s premium bullion buyers and sellers. We look forward to helping you with your silver, gold and platinum investments!