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Collectable Silver For Sale in Canada

Silver collectables now available at Royal Bull cover a wide range of themes: trademarked brands, events in history or beautiful animals that will never be produced again. All products that use trademarked brands are officially licensed.

Whether you buy one-ounce collectable silver coins or any other collectable gold or silver product from the Royal Bull website, our team is here to help you make the right decision for your investment needs.

Where to Buy Collectable Silver

When you buy collectable silver products from Royal Bull you are not only buying remarkable and beautifully designed products from a wide range of themes and countries, but you are expanding your investment holdings and owning a valuable piece that you can be proud to showcase.

Investing in Collectable Silver

Royal Bull is Canadian just like you, and is always seeking ways to help save investors money while purchasing highly prized collectable coins and bars. By selling collectable products that are officially licensed and beloved around the world, we help to fulfill this goal.

Royal Bull also has a wide range of secure investor payment options, ensuring that your fees are as low as possible. In doing so, we’re passing on the collectible precious metal savings to you. You can pay via certified cheques, bank draft and wire transfer, although sending, receiving and processing these could take additional time. Paypal and credit card transactions will incur a 3% fee.

Royal Bull is considered by many to be Canada’s premium buyer and seller of collectable silver products, especially for silver coins and silver bars. We look forward to helping you with your silver, gold and platinum investments!

Collectable Silver Coin Sizes

Royal Bull has more than just your industry-standard collectable silver coin sizes. Our silver coins come in sizes including one ounce, ¼ ounces, ½ ounce, two ounces, 2.5 ounces, five ounces, ten ounces, 30 grams and even one kilogram! Some collectable coins are round, others are rectangular and still others are available in unique shapes derived from the artists’ imagination. Use our left-hand selector to choose the coin weight you are looking for.

Trusted Collectable Silver Mints

Royal Bull buys collectable silver coins, rounds and bars that originate from the world’s most-trusted mints. These include the US Mint, New Zealand Mint, Royal Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, Perth Mint, and many more. Be sure to purchase your silver products that come from these esteemed mints to ensure your silver quality.

Collectable Silver Types & Styles

Royal Bull’s Canadian online store has collectable coins including rare historic coins such as the Mexican Libertad, American Silver Eagle, Krugerrand and many more. These collectables have gained incredible value over the years and are now available for you to profit off of.

Why Buy Collectable Silver from Royal Bull?

There are many reasons why buying your collectable silver coins and bars from is the best choice you can make.

Buying collectable silver from Royal Bull is easy! In seconds you can select your collectable silver products ordered. Within a few days, they can be in your hands.

Buying collectable silver from Royal Bull is fun! Collecting coins and bars that are designed in themes that interest you or your family members make investing in precious metals more interesting than you ever thought possible.

Buying collectable silver from Royal Bull is affordable! Collectable silver products can still be far cheaper than buying collectables made of gold or platinum. In many cases, collectables also have unique serial numbers and/or officially licensed marks that help to give long-lasting value to your affordable purchase.

Royal Bull Precious Metals is proud of its large selection of collectible products, including a world-class selection of silver coins: Star Wars coins, dragon-themed coins, Godzilla vs. Kong commemorative coins and much more. We have collectable precious silver coins for everyone!