Silver Bars

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Silver Bars For Sale in Canada

Canadians seeking the world’s finest silver bars should look no further than Royal Bull. Whether you are seeking 10-oz cast silver bars, 100-gram silver bars in assay or large 100-ounce silver bars, the bullion professionals at Royal Bull can connect you with the world-class silver bars that your investment or collection requires. These silver bars come from renowned manufacturers including the Royal Canadian Mint, Heraeus, Asahi and Geiger Edelmetalle. Limited quantities of our silver bars are available, so shop now and lock in your low prices on quality precious metals today.

Where to Buy Silver Bars

Buying silver bars online from Royal Bull Silver & Gold is the inexpensive, convenient and fast way to stock up on silver bars, whether you seek to buy a one-ounce silver bar or a one-kilogram silver bar. Our Canadian website offers low prices on silver bars that simply can’t be matched by banks, while offering trustworthy transactions to ensure your happiness.

Investing in Silver Bars

True Canadian investors understand the importance and value in diversifying their portfolios. That’s why Royal Bull offers a selection of popular and valuable silver bars online for your investing needs. Your investment in silver bars can take place within mere minutes, whether you are looking for a great price on a small one-gram bar or a weightier one-kilogram bar.

Silver Bar Sizes

Canadians buying silver bars want quality and value in their silver bars, but they also seek variety in sizes. Royal Bull Silver & Gold has many different weights to appease your investment needs: one kilogram, 250 grams, 100 grams, 50 grams, one gram, 100 ounces, ten ounces, five ounces and one ounce.

Trusted Silver Bar Mints

Royal Bull searches the world over for the finest silver bars from the investment industry’s most-trusted mints. These include the Leipziger Edelmetallverarbeitungs GmbH, PAMP Suisse, the Royal Mint, Argos-Heraeus, the Istanbul Gold Refinery and Asahi Refining, just to name a few. All highly reputable and worthy to have their names included in your portfolio.

Silver Bar Types & Styles

Royal Bull has a selection of silver bars that are minted and cast, each with its own unique design and style. Cast silver bars will have the mint’s logo with the silver specifications, while the minted silver bars often are double-sided with a shiny finish and additional design elements that add to their collectability.

Why Buy Silver Bars from Royal Bull?

Royal Bull is Canada’s best way to buy silver bars. Why? We have affordable ways for even those new to investing, such as the availability of silver bars as small as one gram in weight, with fast shipping anywhere in Canada.

If you are buying large quantities of silver bars, Royal Bull offers significant discounts, allowing you to save even more money and reduce the overall cost of your silver investments.

Along with industry-leading discounts, Royal Bull also has a world-class selection of silver bars, which may include rare Italian silver bars, “Year of the Tiger” silver bars, Asahi frosted-silver bars, hand-poured silver tikis and many more. We have a valuable silver bar for everyone!