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Gold is a valued precious metal that has been one of the world’s greatest methods of payment for practically all of recorded history.

Now available in a wide variety of forms, including gold coins, gold rounds, gold bars, nuggets and of course gold jewellery, gold is still increasingly becoming the safe, practical and trustworthy way to diversify your investments. With fluctuating stock markets and an uncertain economic future, more and more investors are turning to physical gold to ensure their wealth retains and even grows its value.

Gold is practically indestructible and is not as affected by corrupt businesses and politicians. Its value often rises in the worst times, as it is often used as a hedge against inflation.

Subsequently, the price of gold often rises in these times – those who invest in gold early, prior to economic turmoil, often see their investments increase in value quite significantly.

Today and for the foreseeable future, wise investors stock up on gold, whether they choose gold bars, gold coins, gold rounds or any other format.

Buy Gold Bars

From the Royal Canadian Mint to the Istanbul Gold Refinery to Valcambi Suisse, Royal Bull’s selection of gold bar bullion stretches around the world. Treasure the world’s most beautiful precious metal and invest in its future growth today with weights from one gram to one ounce – and even larger! Contact Canada’s own Royal Bull today to discover more about the importance of investing in gold bars.

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Shining, shimmering and splendid – these are the words that best describe gold coins available for sale now online at Our precious metal specialists have scoured the world looking for gold bullion of incredible quality and value to offer Canadian investors seeking to diversify their investment in this time of economic turmoil. Trust the experts and feel the power of physical gold in your hands soon!

Why Buy Gold Bars & Coins from Royal Bull?

Royal Bull is Canada’s best way to buy gold bars and gold coins. We have affordable ways for even new investors to start investing in gold. Bars as little as one gram in weight are available, and any purchase can be shipped to you shortly after your payment clears.

Our Canadian business has access to a large, world-class selection of coins, including South African gold coins, Chinese gold coins, American gold coins, Canadian gold coins, British gold coins, Swiss gold coins, Australian gold coins and many more.

Gold bars and coins come in a range of sizes including 1gram gold, 2.5gram gold, 5gram gold, 10gram gold, 20gram gold, 1/20oz gold, 1/10oz gold, 1/4oz gold, 1/2oz gold, and 1oz gold. Larger gold bars are also available.