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2oz Una & The Lion Silver Coin – 2023 St. Helena

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2023 St. Helena 2oz Una & The Lion Silver Coin in Capsule – 1,000 mintage 

Embark on a journey through history as the island of St. Helena and the modern East India Company (EIC) rekindle a partnership spanning over three centuries. Once a crucial hub for EIC shipping in the Atlantic Ocean, St. Helena even witnessed the issuance of coinage specifically for its use by the EIC. Now available for purchase!

This exquisite 2 oz silver coin is accompanied by a protective plastic capsule and boasts an exclusive limited mintage of only 1,000 pieces, ensuring its rarity and desirability.

The inspiration behind the Una and the Lion Series harks back to a poem penned by the renowned English poet Edmund Spenser in 1590. Originally featured in his monumental work, The Faerie Queene, these verses made their debut in the court of Queen Elizabeth I, who granted the East India Company its original charter in 1601.

On the obverse side of the 2023 2 oz Silver Una and the Lion Coin, you will find the noble visage of King Charles III. His Majesty assumed the throne in September 2022 and underwent his official coronation ceremony in May 2023, solidifying his royal position. The reverse design of the 2023 St. Helena Silver Una and the Lion Coin portrays the timeless duo of Una and the Lion. Una, depicted in a forward-facing relief, is seen gracefully embracing the magnificent lion by placing her arm around its mane, symbolizing their powerful connection.

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