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1oz TD Silver Rounds – Circulated

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1oz TD Bank Silver Round – Circulated

Discover the Elegance and Value of the 1 oz TD Silver Round from TD Bank!

As one of Canada’s largest and most esteemed banks, TD Bank presents the 1 oz TD Silver Round, a coveted bullion product sought after by investors worldwide. Crafted from .9999 pure silver, this round boasts an impressive 99.99% purity, making it a prized possession among precious metal enthusiasts.

The obverse of the TD Silver Round proudly showcases the iconic TD Bank logo, encircled by the words “TD Bank” and “Canada,” emphasizing its Canadian origin and the assurance of a trusted financial institution. On the reverse side, a captivating stylized maple leaf design, synonymous with Canada’s natural beauty and heritage, adds an exquisite touch.

Weighing 1 troy ounce, equivalent to approximately 31.1 grams, and measuring approximately 40mm x 2.8mm in dimensions, this silver round embodies both substance and sophistication. Although it is not recognized as legal tender, its allure lies in its high silver purity and the endorsement of TD Bank, elevating its desirability and appeal among investors.

The 1 oz TD Silver Round presents an ideal avenue for diversifying investment portfolios and safeguarding against inflation, a prudent choice for astute investors. Moreover, its high liquidity ensures seamless buying and selling in the global market, fetching its rightful market value with ease.

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