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1oz Aztec Calendar Silver Round

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1oz Aztec Silver Round – Golden State Mint

The Aztec sun stone, a prized artifact of Central American culture, is housed in Mexico City’s National Anthropology Museum. Carved around 1500, it symbolizes the Aztecs’ understanding of the cosmos. You can now purchase 1 oz Aztec Calendar Silver Rounds online from Royal Bull. Weighing over 24 tons and measuring 12 feet in diameter, the stone was buried in ancient Mexico City but rediscovered in 1790. The silver rounds feature a replica of the sun stone’s design on the obverse side, including the Aztec solar deity Tonatiuh. The reverse showcases Cuauhtemoc, the last Aztec emperor, wearing traditional Aztec noble attire.

The obverse side of these 1 oz Aztec Calendar Silver Rounds features a faithful replication of the designs found on the original Aztec sun stone. These intricate patterns are arranged in a circular manner resembling the sun, with the central focus on the face of Tonatiuh, the Aztec solar deity. Tonatiuh is depicted holding a human heart in each hand and is surrounded by a ring of 20 symbols representing the days of the month according to the Aztec calendar.

On the reverse of the 1 oz Aztec Calendar Silver Round, you’ll find a left-profile bust of Cuauhtemoc, the final emperor of the Aztec Empire, who reigned for a brief period. This design showcases Cuauhtemoc wearing the characteristic headdress and earring associated with Aztec nobility. Add the 1oz Aztec Calendar Silver Round to your collection today!

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Launched in 1974, Golden State Mint (GSM) is a family-run private business that buys, sells and produces a wide variety of bullion products for not only America, where it is located, but value-seeking buyers and sellers around the world. Its best-known series of coins feature American icons like Lady Liberty, the “American Indian”, buffalo and memorable American events.

The Golden State Mint’s independent structure allows it to create unique designs on its minted silver, gold, platinum, palladium and copper products while also keeping its operating costs minimal.

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