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1gram Argor Heraeus Gold Bar in Assay

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1gram Argor Heraeus Gold Bar in Black Assay Card

Experience the security of Argor Heraeus, a renowned Swiss refinery equipped with cutting-edge KineBar technology and other advancements to safeguard against counterfeiting. The 1 gram Argor-Heraeus Gold Bar is now available at Royal Bull!

Pioneering the bullion industry, Argor Heraeus stands as a global leader, consistently delivering .9999 pure gold products. At times, the refinery produces gold bars like these, featuring the distinctive markings of specific customers.

The obverse of the 1 Gram Argor Heraeus Gold Bar proudly displays the mint logo, a circle encompassing “AR” at its center, with the full mint name encircling it. Beneath, crucial details such as weight, metal content, purity, and the assayer’s mark are expertly engraved.

On the reverse, these gold bars bear a blank face. Each bar is meticulously packaged within a sealed assay card, featuring the bar’s serial number and the Argor Heraeus mint logo.

Argor Heraeus traces its origins to Chiasso, Switzerland, founded in 1951 as Argor SA. In 1986, it evolved into Argor Heraeus through a joint venture between banking giant UBS and the esteemed Heraeus Group. Elevate your collection’s security with the 1 Gram Argor Heraeus Gold Bar, available now.

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