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1/10oz Australian Koala Gold Coin – 2023

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2023 Australian Koala 1/10oz Gold Coin BU in Capsule 

Introducing a remarkable opportunity for investors, the 2023 Australian Koala coin is a small yet impactful addition to your portfolio. Crafted from 1/10oz of 99.99% pure gold, this coin belongs to the renowned Australian Koala series. Limited to just 25,000 pieces, it holds great value.

Capturing the essence of Australia’s beloved marsupial, this 1/10oz gold coin features an endearing design of a koala gracefully ascending a tree. Clinging to its back is a young ‘joey,’ symbolizing security and connection. Alongside the depiction, you’ll find the inscription ‘KOALA,’ the ‘P’ mintmark of The Perth Mint, and essential details including weight, purity, and year-date.

The 2023 Gold 1/10 oz Australia Perth Koala coin not only enriches any collection aesthetically but also serves as a shrewd investment. Weighing 1/10 oz and boasting a purity of .9999 fine gold, it combines visual allure with intrinsic value. The esteemed reputation of The Perth Mint for producing top-tier coins guarantees the longevity of this piece.

Elevate your collection with the inclusion of the 2023 Gold 1/10 oz Australia Perth Koala coin, a celebration of Australia’s captivating wildlife. Beyond its exquisite design, this coin pays homage to the cherished koalas and reflects The Perth Mint’s unwavering pursuit of excellence. Embrace this chance to possess a slice of Australia’s natural heritage.

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About the Manufacturer

Perth Mint

Australia’s largest precious metals organization is the Perth Mint, a global refining and investment brand owned by the Western Australian Government. Best known for its celebration of Australian animals, the Perth Mint produces AUD 26 billion worth of its country’s heritage on gold, silver and platinum bullion bars and coins annually. Fantastic designs from the Perth Mint include the country’s iconic kangaroos, koalas, kookaburras, eagles, quokkas and much more.