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Top 10 Best Silver Coins to Buy in Canada

Top 10 Best Silver Coins to Buy in Canada - Royal Bull

When it comes to investing in precious metals, there are literally countless options, many of which will provide you with everything you need in a silver investment opportunity in Canada. 

The bullion professionals here at Royal Bull have meticulously assembled this top 10 list of silver coins that are most popular with our customers as well as silver bullion investors from around the world. How many do you have in your portfolio?

Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coin

Not only has the Royal Canadian Mint’s Silver Maple Leaf Coin been revered around the world since 1988, but it is also produced right here in Canada. Issued by the Government of Canada, it has a legal tender of $5 and is the purest coin available to purchase (0.9999 fine silver). Every Canadian must have this stunning silver coin in their possession!

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American Silver Eagle Coin

This legal tender silver coin beautifully showcases the walking Lady Liberty and the soaring eagle. The American Silver Eagle Coin is known around the world, easily recognizable, and always in high demand by Royal Bull’s customers. 

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Austrian Silver Vienna Philharmonic Coin

There’s only one thing that comes close to the wonder of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and that is this silver coin. Its intricate designs feature the convert hall’s Musikverein pipe organ and classic Austrian instruments – simply unparalleled anywhere in the world. This legal tender coin for Austria is a must-have for collectors and investors appreciating silver coins with culturally rich stories to tell.

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United Kingdom’s Silver Britannia Coin

This silver coin honours Britannia, a representation of the island of Great Britain itself while commemorating Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse. The Roya Mint has given this coin a £2 face value and included security features including a sunburst behind the walking Britannia. Since 2013, these silver coins have a purity of 0.999 and are highly sought after by all who cherish the monarchy and all that the U.K. represents.  

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Mexican Silver Libertad Coin

A smaller coin perfect for trading, the Mexican Libertad is a silver coin that has a low mintage but remains an iconic symbol of Mexico’s heritage and pride. One side displays the country’s Coat of Arms, while the other side features the Angel of Independence with Mexico’s famed volcanoes in the background.

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South African Silver Krugerrand Coin

The silver Krugerrands were first issued in 2017 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the original gold coin launch in 1967 and are today made with the same 0.999 pure silver that makes them so popular among Canadian investors and collectors. The South African Silver Krugerrand Coin has no face value but is legal tender in the African country. 

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Chinese Silver Panda Coin

With new designs every year, China’s silver panda coins not only commemorate perhaps the cuddliest mammal on earth but also brings good luck to all who possess them. Produced in many silver weights up to one kilogram, the Chinese Mint continues to mint this treasured coin, which also has a depiction of the renowned Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests in the Temple of Heaven.

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Australian Silver Kangaroo Coin

Australia’s iconic mammal, the kangaroo, bounds onto this silver coin in spectacular fashion, with a $1 face value and silver content of 1 oz. Rare in silver coins, the silver is 0.9999 pure, adding exceptional long-term value to this kangaroo keepsake and investment product.

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United Kingdom’s Myths & Legends Silver Coin Series

The Royal Mint has released a phenomenal collection of coins relating to the legendary hero Robin Hood and his rebellious friends, including Maid Marian and Little John. The designs by Jody Clark come to life and give collectors a strong desire to purchase all three.

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Armenian Noah’s Ark Silver Coin

The triumphant ending of the Bible’s Noah’s Ark story is brought to life in the Republic of Armenia’s silver coin series. Mount Ararat is a national symbol of Armenia and makes this Noah’s Ark silver coin not only a proud piece of national heritage, but a keepsake for peace-loving investors around the world.

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What is Your Top 10 Silver Coin List?

Although these are 10 of the most popular and “best” silver coins in the world to purchase, your idea of “best” might be different. Feel free to browse Royal Bull’s precious metals online shop to explore the many silver coins you can purchase today.