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Investing in Precious Metals: How to Sell Gold, Silver, and Platinum Online

Investing in Precious Metals - How to Sell Gold, Silver, and Platinum Online - Royal Bull - Feature

So, you have gold, silver or platinum in your home and you want to convert it to cash. Where do you start? How do you get the best return on your investment? Royal Bull is Canada’s source for sellers looking to convert precious metals to cash!

Whether you’ve inherited bullion or purchased it on your own and are looking to cash out of your investment, all authentic precious metals have value that you can convert to money.

When you’re ready to cash in your precious metals (whether it’s gold, silver or platinum) and exchange it for money, the following five-step process is all it takes to complete the transaction.

Start to Sell Precious Metals by Contacting Royal Bull

It’s easy! Simply send us an email using this form. Include the  estimated value of your products in the appropriate field as well as upload as many pictures as you wish. We purchase a wide range of numismatic and collectible items, including coins, bars, rounds, currency and much more (not only products listed for sale on our website) so don’t be afraid to send items which may not be standard coins or bars.

Canada’s precious metal leaders at Royal Bull will review your submission and contact you to help you better understand what your product is: where it was made, how much it weighs, its purity and any security features it has to ensure its complete authenticity.

Lock in Your Precious Metals Price

After we receive your completed form, our team will reach out to you by phone. You will receive a fair and competitive quote with a locked-in transaction price so you’re not at risk of market fluctuations when your product is in transit.

Package and Ship your Products to Our Team for a Physical Inspection

When you accept Royal Bull’s quote, we will provide you with fast and easy shipping options. 

You will receive a shipping label with instructions to properly and discreetly package the product. Please follow the packaging instructions carefully since Royal Bull can not be held liable for damage or loss from instructions not being followed. When your package is ready for shipment, you can drop it off at your nearest Canada Post or FedEx location depending on which shipping service you choose.

Your Bullion Products Will Be Verified

As soon as we receive your shipment, our team will verify the quantity and product using our quality and authenticity assurance process to ensure the shipment is identical to the quote provided. Additionally, we make sure all your product is legitimate and authentic.

You Will Receive Your Payment

You will receive your money within 48 hours after your product has been received and verified by Royal Bull. You can choose to receive your payment by certified cheque, e-transfer, wire transfer or PayPal.

Just like that, your selling experience with precious metals will be complete. After you do it once, you will be surprised at how easy and comfortable the entire process is. Whenever you are ready to make your first sale to Royal Bull, please contact us today on our customized page just for people like you who wish to sell their bullion. We look forward to hearing from you soon!