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1oz PAMP Suisse Year of the Tiger Platinum Bar

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The fourth platinum Lunar Series bar from PAMP Suisse is now available! The platinum bars in the PAMP Suisse Lunar Calendar Series come with red blistercards that have an ornate border on the front side with the full name of PAMP Suisse. The name of the series also features on this side of the card. The back of the blistercard comes with the authenticating details of the bar, such as its weight, metal content, and purity, as well as a matching serial number to that found on the bar. Each card has the signature of a certified assayer.

Obverse designs on the 1 oz Lunar Tiger Silver Bars include the image of a powerful tiger as it descends the front of a tree trunk. The tiger is using its powerful paws and sharp claws to grip the trunk as it descends the tree trunk to prowl for its next meal. The Chinese symbol for a tiger is shown on this field of the bar. Reverse visuals on 1 oz PAMP Suisse Lunar Tiger Bars include the same visual element as viewed from the opposite angle. Here, you can see more of the tree as the tigers tail hangs up through a Y-branch in the trunk of the tree. The identifying hallmarks of the bar are found on this side, including the PAMP Suisse logo and the serial number of the bar. Grow your platinum portfolio with this beautiful 1oz PAMP Suisse Year of the Tiger Platinum Bar today!

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Diameter (mm)

38 x 23

Thickness (mm)


Obverse Obverse features a tiger climbing down a tree trunk
Reverse Reverse shows the tail of the tiger as it climbs down the front side of the tree.


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About the Manufacturer

PAMP Suisse

Pioneers in decorating the reverse side of minted bars, PAMP Suisse (now known as PAMP) has been an artistic and visionary leader for generations. Its “Lady Fortuna” image is PAMP’s most prestigious and rightfully one of the finest and most celebrated images to grace bullion bars.

The leading bullion brand has a strong reputation for quality, craftsmanship and ingenuity. Any precious metal product with the PAMP logo is sure to be exquisite.

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