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1oz Engelhard Vintage Silver Bar

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Even though Engelhard’s silver bullion was discontinued over 30 years ago, it is still in high demand today. Known for their rich history and reputation, Engelhard is one of the most trusted names in precious metals.

As Engelhard silver bars have not been manufactured since the 1980s, they are in varying degrees of condition and have a wide range of designs. It is guaranteed that each bar contains one troy ounce of .999 silver, regardless of its overall condition or design.









United States of America

Diameter (mm)

50 x 28.9

Thickness (mm)


About the Manufacturer


Whether you’re a collector, investor, buyer or seller, the name Engelhard is one that resonates around the world as a trusted and beloved leader in bullion production. Although Engelhard no longer produces under its name, it has an entire century of production history, including silver bars produced as far back as 1902. This history is one of the many reasons that its cast gold and silver bars are so valued. The Engelhard .999 pure silver bars, hand poured to perfection, have serial numbers and extremely limited quantities of each year.

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