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1oz Aztec Calendar Silver Round

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In addition to being referred to as the Aztec sun stone, the Aztec calendar stone is a critical piece of Aztec construction. Approximately 12 feet across and more than 3 feet thick, the stone weighs more than 24 tons. As a result of the Spanish conquest of Mexico and the Aztec Empire, the stone was buried in the center of ancient Mexico City and later rediscovered during church repairs in 1790.

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.999, .9995





United States of America

Diameter (mm)


Thickness (mm)


Obverse On the obverse side of these 1 oz Aztec Calendar Silver Rounds is a replication of the designs found on the actual Aztec sun stone.
Reverse Cuauhtemoc's left-profile bust appears on the reverse of the 1 oz Aztec Calendar Silver Round. During his short reign, he was the last Aztec emperor.


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