1g TD Bank Gold Bar

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TD has always offered investors and collectors with a wide range of high-quality precious metal products that exuded value and brilliance, and this one-gram gold bar is no exception.

The elegant simplicity and low-cost of this TD Bar has resulted in it being one of Royal Bull’s most popular gold bar products. Protected in a plastic tamper-proof package, this gold bar has the untouched perfect that suits just about anyone.










Obverse The TD shield with gold bar attributes: weight, material, purity and serial number
Reverse Pattern of TD shields

About the Manufacturer


As one of the top 10 banks in North America, TD Precious Metals’ logo can be found on both gold bars and silver bars. The financial institution TD (which stands for “Toronto Dominion”) is highly respected not only here in Canada, but around the world. Be sure to look for its precious metals products, all of which contain its iconic “TD” logo and clean, crisp design features.