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1g Panda Platinum Coin – 2022

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Platinum coins are a great addition to the popular Panda series. With only a mintage of 100,000, less than 10% is available for the international market. The Panda Chinese Series now marks their 40th anniversary and therefore have produced the first platinum coin in the series.

The well-designed platinum coin is now available to purchase at Royal Bull.






Brilliant Uncirculated




Obverse Featuring two panda cubs playing with snow, the image exemplifies the harmony between animal and nature. In addition, you'll find a privy mark of 40 commemorating the 40th release of the Panda Coin.
Reverse Above the image is a Chinese inscription reading "People's Republic of China" and "2022" above a picture of the famous Temple of Heaven found in Beijing.


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About the Manufacturer

Chinese Mint

Famous around the world for paying homage to the cuddly and iconic panda, the China Mint, operated by the People’s Bank of China, is one of the largest, most respected and popular mints in the world. The China Mint produces coins for the country of China and its vast production capacity gives it the ability to focus on stunning, timeless design.

The China Mint is also known for its security measures, which help collectors and investors ensure that their purchase is legitimate.