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1/2oz Brittania Gold Coin 2022

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The female warrior Britannia protects Britain with her iconic trident and shield on this half-ounce gold coin. First used 2,000 years ago on precious metal coins, the personification of Britain returns to rally the country for celebration and protection, now captured by Royal Mint designer Philip Nathan.

Well-known by bullion collectors and investors around the world, the gold Britannia coin’s reverse side prominently features Britannia herself, with a patterned background echoing the seas that surround Great Britain. Circling this icon is “BRITANNIA”, “2022”, “1/2 oz”, “999.9” “Fine” and “Gold”.

The phrase “Decus et Tutamen”’ is repeated around Britannia. Originally this was implemented by King Charles II as a ring around the extreme edge of the coin to protect the coins from ‘clipping’. It is included here as a remnant of this era.

The obverse features Jody Clark’s effigy of Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II with the face value of the coin: 50 GBP.









United Kingdom

Obverse The stunning figure Britannia with the coin’s year, weight, purity and metal
Reverse Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II portrait with value of gold coin

About the Manufacturer

The Royal Mint

More than 1,100 years of minting quality precious metals products leads The Royal Mint to be perhaps the world’s most celebrated manufacturer of gold, silver and platinum products. The renowned British institution is the world’s #1 exporter of precious metals, producing official currency, collectable coins and valuable gifts to celebrate a wide range of people, events, animals and places.

For centuries The Royal Mint was located in the impregnable Tower of London but is now based in Llantrisant, where it has the facilities, security and design space to produce the finest bullion that’s revered around the world.

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