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The Top Five Reasons to Buy Gold & Silver Early in Your Career

The Top Five Reasons to Buy Gold & Silver Early in Your Career - Royal Bull

Congrats on landing your job and launching your adult life in this world on the right foot! You now have income and perhaps a little extra cash that you can either waste away or do something with.

There are ample opportunities to spend frivolously, but may we consider that you put your hard-earned money to work for you and join the many other young people who are realizing that by investing in gold and silver early in their lives, they have the potential to reap significant returns down the road.

Why Are Young Canadians Buying Gold and Silver Bullion?

Canadians Between the Ages of 18 and 35 Have Decades of Investment Growth Ahead of Them

Over the previous few years, the prices of gold and silver have increased – each of these metals is highly valued by investors and businesses.  Royal Bull does not see the interest and demand for bullion waning, and we expect the true value of gold and silver to be realized years from now when the price is reaching heights far more than today. 

Gold and Silver are Physical Wealth

Since gold and silver are in your possession at all times, you are in control. This means that the precious metals are portable – you can take them with you wherever you go in life. They are also ‘liquid’, meaning that you can easily sell bullion and convert it into cash if needed. They are also easy to store in your home since it doesn’t take up much space (unless you have been blessed with wealth early in your life) and comes with little to zero maintenance costs. Perfect for those just starting out!

Precious Metal Value Will Never Be Zero

Although you may be tempted to put 100% of your retirement plan into stocks, keep in mind that businesses come and go, but precious metals like gold and silver last forever. 

Not only will the precious metals never liquidate their assets like some businesses, but there will forever be demand for them. Both gold and silver are essential in many technologies, from phones and computers to cars and planes – the things that society needs to operate. 

By investing early in gold and silver, you are essentially betting that the economy will continue to grow. And in times when the economy does not grow, those periods are often short-lived and sometimes seen by investors to be an opportunity to hedge against inflation and invest even more into bullion.

Investing in Gold & Silver is Fun

There are many boring things to do with your money if you are just starting out in the working world. You could eat fast food, buy coffee three times every day and gamble your fortune away. You should do something truly remarkable. There are many fun gold and silver products, including Marvel coins, King Kong silver coins, gold Maple Leaf coins and a wide variety of cast silver bars. Whatever you can imagine, there is a mint out there that has done it. 

Expenses Are Coming, But Not Yet

Early in your career, you may not have financial obligations that may hinder your chances of investing in precious metals a decade or two from now. Life certainly can be expensive! Consider the costs of home ownership, marriage, children, vehicles, properties, maintenance and all of the other expenses that take time, energy and well, money. 

Not to be a downer, but now is the best time to use the extra funds you have lying around and put them to good use…while you can.

Young People Can Buy Precious Metals Too

No matter where you live in Canada, no matter your economic status or how you feel about the global economy, you can invest in precious metals. Start by browsing the large selection of gold bars, gold coins, silver bars and silver coins available right now through Royal Bull. We are here to make your entry into precious metal investing seamless.