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Sovereign Coin Series – The Vienna Philharmonic Coin


One of the best-selling bullion coins in the world is the famed Philharmonic, produced by the Austrian Mint and known for its intricate design featuring musical instruments, including the beautiful Musikverein Pipe Organ.

Honouring the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, the Philharmonic pays homage to the culture, music and beauty of one of Europe’s most acclaimed countries. The orchestra is a well-known symbol of the finest European classical music, and this gold, silver and platinum coin allows holders to treasure this dedication to excellence wherever they live.

One year after its initial run, the Philharmonic was already the #1 coin in Europe and second in the world. As of the writing of this article, this unique bullion coin remains Europe’s #1 silver coin and is legal tender in Austria. 

The Austrian Mint produces the Philharmonics primarily to appease the insatiable demand from investors like you, and Canada’s Royal Bull has these beloved coins now in stock for your own investing needs.

Mint: Austrian Mint

Country: Austria

Composition: Gold, platinum and silver

First Year of Issue: 1989 (gold), 2008 (silver), 2016 (platinum)

Artist: Thomas Pesendorfe, chief engraver for the Austrian Mint

Fascinating Fact: In 2004, the Austrian Mint produced a 1,000-troy-ounce version of the Vienna Philharmonic coin consisting of more than 31 kg of gold! 

Obverse: The Great Organ of the Musikverein, Vienna’s concert hall. The year, weight and face value are also displayed.

Reverse: A selection of popular Austrian instruments: (R–L) violin, Vienna horn, cello, violin, bassoon and harp.