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Sovereign Coin Series – The Mexican Libertad

Sovereign Coin Series – The Mexican Libertad-Royal-Bull-Article

One of the most beautiful bullion coins in the world is the Mexican Libertad by the Mexican Mint. Using a design inspired by the 1921 gold Centenario, marking the centennial of Mexican independence, the Libertad. The Angel of Independence’s “Winged Victory” design pays homage to the resistance of Mexicans during the 1820 revolution against Spain.

The design features a depiction of a prominent statue called The Angel of Independence with imagery of the region’s two volcanoes – Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl in the background of the reverse.

Although the gold obverse design has not changed since its inception in 1981, the silver Libertad changed in 2000 to showcase the current Mexican coat of arms with ten previous versions surrounding it. 

The Libertad’s love around the world, low minted and consistency in quality make the Libertad a much sought-after coin for gold and silver investors and collectors alike. 

Mint: Mexican Mint

Country: Mexico

Composition: Gold and silver

First Year of Issue: 1981 (gold), 1982 (silver)

Fascinating Fact: The Libertad silver bullion coin was the first silver coin in the world specifically produced for investors

Obverse: The Mexico coat of arms ringed with previous coats of arms.

Reverse: The Angel of Independence with two volcanoes in the background, surrounded by the coin’s silver or gold quality/quantity.