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Sovereign Coin Series – The American Eagle Coin


The official bullion coins of the United States of America are the American Eagle and are must-haves for investors who cherish freedom and pride. The coins come in gold, silver, platinum and palladium varieties, each with its own rules regarding their design which can vary depending on the year. 

As the official bullion of the United States, the American Eagle coins are guaranteed by the United States government for their weight, content, and purity.

While the gold American Eagle coins are available in four sizes, the silver, platinum and palladium coins are only available in a one-ounce size.

The American Eagle Gold Coin is produced only with U.S.-sourced gold with the obverse design honouring the 1907 $20 coin – also referred to as the “double eagle”. Since 2021, the reverse design by designer Jennie Norris features a close-up side profile of an eagle.

The American Eagle Silver Coin has “Walking Liberty” on the obverse with an eagle on the reverse. Silver coins made before 2022 have an eagle with a shield and 13 stars, while the silver coins made after this have an eagle soaring downward with an olive branch held by its talons.

The American Eagle Platinum Coin has the face of the Statue of Liberty on the obverse with a soaring eagle with an open beak and sunrise in the background. The $100 coin of the American Eagle Platinum Coin is the highest ever to appear on an American coin. 

The American Eagle Palladium Coin has a design featuring a standing eagle with upraised wings pulling a branch out of a rock. The obverse has an effigy of “Winged Liberty” facing to the side with the word “LIBERTY”. The coin is 99.95% pure. 

Mint: Released by the United States Mint (produced at the Philadelphia Mint, the San Francisco Mint and the West Point Mint)

Country: United States of America

Composition: Gold, silver, platinum and palladium

First Year of Issue: 1986 (Gold), 1986 (silver), 1997 (platinum) and 2017 (palladium)

Artist: Augustus Saint-Gaudens (obverse) and Miley Busiek (reverse); John Mercanti

Fascinating Fact: When the American Silver Eagle coins began to be sold in 1986, there were only limited inventories and the coin immediately sold out.

Obverse: A depiction of Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ Lady Liberty holding a torch and an olive branch, with Washington’s Capitol building and a glowing sunrise in the background.

Reverse: Various eagle poses.