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Is Gold or Silver a Good Gift?

Is Gold or Silver a Good Gift - Royal Bull

Has anyone ever not been wowed by gold or silver? We have yet to meet anyone. So, our answer to the question, “Is gold or silver a good gift?” is a resounding “Absolutely!”

It’s time you ditch your current gift ideas (socks, bobbleheads and candles) and instead give the gift that will never lose its power to enthrall – precious metals. Let’s dig right in and discover why gold and silver are the superior gift for birthdays, Christmas or any day.

Gold and Silver Excite and Delight

Although you may think that a loaf of fruitcake is a highly respected gift any time of year, you are bound to be revered for another year if you gift pure gold or silver.

These precious metals have been cherished since the beginning of humanity itself, and are the backbone of prosperous civilizations. Owning a piece of this heritage is impressive and interesting to everyone, whether they are young or old.

Collectable gold and silver products – including coins and bars – all have beautiful designs, with something for every occasion. Some are officially licensed with Marvel designs, others are animal-themed, and many others showcase a country’s national symbols. There is a breathtaking design that is sure to elicit joy in the gift receiver available to purchase today.

Bullion Looks Great

Whether you buy a silver coin with an intricate design or a more simplistic bar with the mint’s logo and metal specifications, each precious metal product is produced with care, quality and attention to detail. No matter the size, whether you buy a one-gram gold bar or a 10-ounce silver bar, the artisans’ designs look great, having been perfected over thousands of years. 

There has actually never been a better time to easily purchase and gift bullion products that look their very best. Many modern coins and bars have colourful designs, exclusive shapes, special commemorative boxes and assay cards with packaging that ensures the accuracy of the precious metal product.

Also, most coin products available on the Royal Bull shopping page are in Brilliant Uncirculated condition, meaning that they are in the same quality that they left the mint in.

Precious Metals Last Forever

Many people feel the need to give gifts made of cheap plastic, one-time-use products or consumables that will fade as quickly as their value and memories.

Gold will never fade, break down, corrode or tarnish. When properly cared for, silver too will look stunning for generations to come. Potentially, a gift of precious metals can last forever.

Gold and Silver Can Be Collectable

Many precious metals can be purchased as “one-offs” that stand on their own as proud and beautiful works of modern art. Many silver and gold coins are part of exquisite series that are themed to provide owners with the opportunity to expand and finish their collection at their own pace. 

For example, the Royal Mint releases a highly valued “Britannia” silver coin every year, and many silver investors make a point of obtaining a new one every year. Other mints produce a series of coins all at once, like AMEXclusive’s Seven Wonders of the Ancient World collection, which has the Colossus of Rhodes, Temple of Artemis and others.

One of our favourite collectible series is the Godzilla vs. Kong silver coin series which has timeless designs and colourized reverses.

Future Economic Benefit

Although past performance does not guarantee future profits, we are confident that the price of silver decades from now will be higher than it is today. That means that the silver or gold product you gift to a friend or family member today will actually increase in value and if they choose to sell it down the road, they can do so and profit more than the initial purchase price you paid. 

Silver and gold have easy liquidity, meaning that they are both easy to sell through dealers such as Royal Bull, with no sketchy online marketplace transactions required.

Precious Metals Are the Gifts That Keep on Giving

These are just some of the reasons why precious metals like gold and silver make great gifts. You can probably think of many other reasons!

When you’re ready to purchase a gift for your special someone, visit Royal Bull’s shopping page and browse our hundreds of products ready to ship to you from right here in Canada. If you are looking for a coin or bar that is not listed, reach out to our team of bullion experts – we can likely acquire exactly what you need to ensure your gift stands out.