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How Canadians Can Invest in Gold

How Canadians Can Invest in Gold - Royal Bull Silver Gold

This simple step-by-step guide will introduce you to the easy ways that you can invest in gold without breaking the bank.

When the average Canadian thinks of gold, they think of either the jewelry on their ring or the heavy bars that sit in a bank vault. Although gold is one of the most expensive precious metals per ounce, the 21st century has opened up a whole new world for the everyday investor – that’s you – to break into gold investments without dishing out more than you can afford. 

1. Educate Yourself on Investing in Gold

First things first – understand what gold is all about and how investments in precious metals work. Learn about what you should look for in a Canadian online gold seller, think about secure gold storage options and understand more about why every Canadian should invest in gold

There is a plethora of research available for gold investing, but start with the basics and grow in knowledge as your investments grow.

2. Choose An Amount of Gold to Invest 

Like any investment, whether it is property, stocks or other precious metals, Royal Bull encourages you to invest only within your means. In most cases, Canadians can afford to spend a few hundred dollars on an investment product without ruining their financial situation. For others, a far greater investment size is not only possible, but required to make the most of their dollar.

You don’t need to buy a 12.4-kg bar of gold and take out a second mortgage just to do so. Gold bars can be purchased as small as a single gram, and can be purchased in multiple quantities depending on your budget. Gold coins are popular options and can most often be purchased in one-ounce sizes. 

If you’re looking for advice on what you can afford to invest, reach out to your financial advisor. 

3. Research Gold Products Available to Invest In

There are countless gold investment options, from historic gold coins to newly minted gold bars. You can buy gold coins minted with intricate designs, gold bars that celebrate their countries of origin and even plastic-sealed gold products that ensure a lifetime of perfection and value.

Here at Royal Bull, we have a wide range of gold investment options that cover all of the above. Take a look at what gold is available for your investment needs right now.

4. Purchase Your Gold Coins and Bars

Royal Bull has made investing in physical precious metals faster, cheaper and better. You can make your gold investment from the comfort of your home or even your mobile device. Simply select the products you wish to add to your investment portfolio and go through the standard checkout process. We accept many payment methods to help lower your transaction costs.

From there, let Royal Bull Precious Metals take on the rest. We will safely package your purchase, add tracking and have it on your way in less than two business days.

Royal Bull is Canada’s source for quality gold coins and bars at low everyday prices for collecting and investing. Select the products you would like in our extensive gold shop and Royal Bull will have your order fulfilled in less than 48 hours, complete with shipment tracking for your protection. We look forward to receiving your order today!