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Gold & Silver Coins vs Rounds. Which is the Better Buy?


If you are just getting into the wonderful world of investing in precious metals, you better know the difference between a ‘round’ and a ‘coin’. They are both round and they both hold significant value, but there may be one that you appreciate more than the other.

Let’s delve into the benefits of each of these two bullion formats.

Why Should I Buy a Gold or Silver Coin?

Gold and silver coins are minted by or for an official government. They often have fairly standard designs, with the obverse featuring a head of state, and the reverse featuring a symbol of the country. Coins issued for a Commonwealth country have Queen Elizabeth II, while the other side’s local symbol can vary: a maple leaf, a brumby and flamingos

Each coin is legal tender with a minimum face value, varying depending on the nation and the coin size. The value of a silver or gold coin is often much higher, and is made of pure gold or silver has value even if melted. 

Why Should I Buy a Gold or Silver Round?

Rounds are produced by private mints, not sovereign governments. As such, they have no face value, but let’s be honest no one in the world has intentionally used gold or silver coins to purchase goods at face value anyway. Rounds have value in their design, but most of the value lies in precious metal content. 

Many investors and collectors seek rounds because of their tendency to use designs that governments would be unwilling or unable to put on coins. These can include a round design featuring Donald J. Trump, a coin design based on inflation and a series on the Wonders of the World

So, which is better: coins or rounds?

There’s no ‘better’ here. Just an option that is likely best for you. Browse through the coins and rounds on www.RoyalBull.ca/shop and choose the one that best fits into your investment strategy.