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Cryptocurrency vs. Gold


The death of cryptocurrency is almost here, yet many people are still hoping – praying – that unregulated digital currencies will somehow not only reverse their downward spiral but exceed their previous rallies.

Canadian investors have more choices than ever, yet choosing the ‘right’ investment opportunity is a timeless challenge. 

Royal Bull thinks that with thousands of years of value to back it up, gold should be high on the list of options. 

Which is the Better Investment Option: Crypto or Gold?

Cryptocurrencies Can Withhold Your Money Whenever They Want

No rules govern these digital currencies, so the businesses (and sometimes only a few individuals) that operate them can simply decide not to give you your money. Recent news stories about this have caught the attention of many, as investors have been cut off from their their entire fortunes.

Cryptocurrencies Can be 100% Worthless

To invest in cryptocurrencies means that you need to be prepared to lose everything. The coin price may drop 25%, 50% and even 100%. The cryptocurrency could drop to zero at some point, taking your money with them. 

Gold will never be worthless. Although the price fluctuates, its essential purposes in jewellery, investments, electronics, manufacturing, dentistry and much more will ensure that over the long term, the price is much more likely to rise.

If You Lose Your Password, You Are Done

Cryptocurrencies require your unique permissions to access them. Did you happen to forget your password? That’s too bad – your entire retirement savings is now gone.

Did you forget where you stored your gold in your house? After a while of searching, you’re bound to find it as it is a physical product that is much more challenging to lose.

Crypto is Boooooring

You watch numbers go up and numbers go down, and The gimmicky names associated with them provide far less excitement than the makers of the currencies advertise. (Ahem, Dogecoin.)

Physical gold comes in the form of bars or coins. Coins can have intricate designs of lions, maple leaves, and even kangaroos! Being able to touch, hold and show your physical gold investment to others is one of the best ways to connect with your investment on a scale unheard of in the crypto world. 

Gold Wins in the Long Term

Although crypto has its legion of superfans, few can experience the growth, confidence and long-term prospects that have always been found in gold. Start your dream of investing in gold today with Royal Bull’s Canadian gold bar and coin shopping page.