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A Prepper’s Guide to Gold & Silver Investing

A Prepper’s Guide to Gold & Silver Investing - Royal Bull

Our economy is on shaky ground, our lives are dependent on fragile electronic networks and our governments have never made us more uncertain about the future of our lives. Doomsday could be days away!

Precious metals can help to increase and stabilize your wealth in times of crisis, and they can also be essential for buying goods and services. 

Here are some thoughts to consider when you invest in gold and silver in preparation for the big collapse.

Unlike Most Things in Your Home, Gold is Timeless

When the way of life we’re currently experiencing falls apart, we need tried and true methods to secure our wealth and trade for life essentials. For all of humanity, silver and gold have seen value, and are the best way to ensure wealth when our current way of life falls apart. Dozens of years from now, even hundreds of years from now, precious metals will still be admired and valued. 

Purchase Gold and Silver in Large Quantities of Small Weights

Do not only consider large bars of silver and gold hidden in your home. Trading these large-weighted items will prove to be difficult in most instances. Do what the Romans did and have a large stash of gold and silver with smaller face values. These will be easier to trade with the people around you and help to create a new economy built of small, easy and trustworthy transactions.

Precious Metals Can Be Melted

For those who have already stocked up on large bars of gold and silver, do not fret; They can also be melted down and separated into smaller pieces to exchange. This process is complicated since you likely do not have a furnace hot enough to melt precious metals, but it is possible. 

Gold and Silver are Safe Havens

When the global economy crashes, so will stocks, logistics, telecommunications and everything associated with them. Well, almost everything. In times of turmoil, the value of gold and silver often rises. So not only will your precious metals provide you with access to goods and services, but they will also rise in value. This makes gold and silver more valuable than many other things that we currently put our money into, such as electronics, vehicles and stocks, all of which would be deemed worthless in a total economic collapse.

Precious Metals Can Be Held in the Comfort of Your Home

Why trust someone in an office tower to move your investments around, when you can do the same from the comfort of your home? Safely storing your precious metals in your home will ensure that you are prepared for the future and need not rely on the many challenges that go into trusting others with your investments. 

Can the Government Confiscate Your Precious Metals?

Yes! It has happened before and it will likely happen again. Be sure that your gold and silver are not under the watchful eye of the government. It’s one investment that doesn’t need annual reporting to the rulers of our fine country. “They” do not need to know about your plans. You can be as discrete as you wish.

But What if the Global Economy Doesn’t Collapse As I Read About on Social Media?

Well, then you will have a nice stock of gold and silver that will be a valuable asset when you retire. Sell it and spend your earnings on your dream vacation or share it with your grandkids. Either way, you win!

Whatever you choose to do, start by investing in precious metals like gold coins and silver bars. Their future is bright!